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Introducing Phoenix Rising Press


It is with great pride and pleasure that I introduce Phoenix Rising Press. Phoenix Rising Press represents a new paradigm in lesbian publishingóa philosophical shift that is designed not to supplant, but to complement traditional publishing models. With Phoenix Rising Press it is my intention to provide a home for well-established, seasoned authors who are looking for maximum creative freedom and ownership of their work. Phoenix Rising Press does not accept submissions or solicit authors who are presently under contract elsewhere.


Phoenix Rising Press is a consortium. As such, authors invest in their own success and receive a substantially larger monetary return on sales of their work than traditional publishers can offer. At Phoenix Rising Press, the authorís imagination is encouraged to soar, the editing process is rigorous, the book cover is created with artistry, and the price is set to ensure that, as a reader, you get your moneyís worth.


Every Phoenix Rising Press title will be widely available at all bookstores, from online retail book sellers, and at the Phoenix Rising Press web store.


For those of you who donít know me, please see my bio on the Phoenix Rising Press website ( Everything I do, I do with the intention to make a positive difference and with a great deal of thought. When I decided to move ahead with this venture, I set out to surround myself with the best team in the business. I know Iíve done that. The principals of Phoenix Rising Press have nearly twenty years of experience in publishing, a quarter of a century in public relations and marketing, and more than thirty years in editing.


My five existing novels will be the very first off the line, beginning with Heartsong and One Ė Love (formerly The Flip Side of Desire). Check out the gorgeous new covers, and Iíve added a bonus surprise at the end of those two romances. The reason Phoenix Rising Press is publishing my books first is because I would never ask anyone else to put her reputation on the line before I do.


I know you have many choices in fiction, and I pledge to ensure that every Phoenix Rising Press book will be held to the highest standards in the industry. Thanks for your consideration.


Lynn Ames